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Monday, April 20, 2009

A giveaway that we can swing about...

With the nice spring weather, my kids constantly want to go to the park. Now normally I'm all for taking them & letting them wear themselves out on the swings, slides & monkey bars. But unfortunately, time doesn't always allow us the luxury of the park. Dad Blogs has come up with a solution for us. They have partnered with Kid's Creations Swing Sets - Wooden Swing Sets Accessoriesto give away the wonderful Three Ring Adventure Swingset (ARV $4995.00). We're talking rock wall, tire swing, rope ladder, 3 swings, slides & lots more!!! As if this wasn't already a fantabulous giveaway, they are throwing in a Canon Powershot SD1100 Digital Elph too! So now you can send Grandma & Grandpa pics of your munchkins playing on their new playset. Want to check out this amazing giveaway, just go here-Dad Blogs - Directory and Social Network for Dads and Dad Bloggers - The Big Spring Contest at Dad Blogs
I want to say good luck to everyone, but I secretly am hoping our family wins this. With 5 boys, we really need a sturdy swingset like this. We used to have a Little Tykes 8 in 1 structure that my MIL had bought years ago. But had to sell it when times were tough last year. :( With me working fulltime, and the midshift, it's hard to find time to get to the park. It would be so nice to be able to sit on our backpatio, watching the kids & their friends playing on this amazing set. Please Please Please & Pretty Please, pick our family for this great set, that otherwise would be financially unattainable.

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Joeprah said...

Make sure you link to Kids Creations then consider yourself entered. ~ Joe