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Welcome a little place, I like to call The Crazy House, or my blog. :D Cast of Characters: The mom part is played by yours truly. My name is Molly. I am 37 years old and live in Northern California. I am a first & foremost a mom, on top of the many other jobs that I do. The 5 Boys- Sam is my almost an adult(sob)17 year old- lots of challenges with the teenager years. Michael, or Mikey as we call him, is my 9 year old. Brandon is 7, Andrew turns 7 at the end of August. And then there is Joshua, who had his third birthday in March; he has decided to extend his terrible twos. Our princess Emma joined us on April 7th in 2010. She has all of us wrapped around her fingers! Our lives have dramatically changed since the beginning of this year-I have dealt with domestic violence, started divorce proceedings, lost my job, and had to move myself & the 6 kids into my parent's house. Yeah, it's a crazy life!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The North Pole

Did you know to go to the North Pole you need a fast rocket or a flying car? It's true, because my 5 year old told me. And he is really smart. He is so smart he did his whole homework packet, for the week, in one night. Child takes after me, you know. ;) I guess if it takes Santa some magic to "get out" of his magical home, it makes sense to use some magic to get there. Who wouldn't love to sit and have some yummy hot cocoa & scrumptious cookies with the big man himself? I love this time of year-seeing it through my children's eyes. To see them watch the beloved Christmas movies that I watched myself, growing up. Decorating cookies, the way we did w/my mom & grandma. To watch the awe in their faces, as we go Christmas Light looking. Yes, I love the hustle & bustle of the holidays! Now if I could only find someone with a flying car.......

Friday, October 24, 2008

Have Luggage, Will Travel

Finally, a nice win for October.

Contest Second Prizes (4): Set of Eddie Bauer Luggage (ARV $582)

I received email notification today, and the contest ended yesterday. Now I need to win my New York trip. I would so love to take my mom at the beginning of December, to New York for an actual Broadway Play. And it would be awesome to be in the snow & see all the holiday festivities. It could happen.......

Pumpkin Patch & the Cute Things that come out of my children's mouths

I am tired. And sore. Did I mention tired? 3 weeks before my 35th birthday, and I realize that I am getting old. How the hell did that happen? Seems like yesterday that I was stayng up all night, dancing in the clubs & hitting up Taco Bell for Breakfast Burritos.

Today, Felicia & I took the kids ( my 3 middle ones, her 2 & her niece) to a neat pumpkin patch about 25 minutes away- Bishop's Pumpkin Farm. The pic above is the merry bunch on the way there. Aren't they cute?
They have everything here= animals to feed & pet, several play areas, a train, lots of yummy goodies to eat, many picture ops, & of course the standard hayride & pumpkins. The kids had early day at school today, so we got to spend a couple of hours there. Even though they didn't get to do everything, they still had fun. It was hilarious watching the kids feed the goats- they were getting attacked! lol They enjoyed riding the train, and going down the slides at Coyote Mountain. And LOVED panning for marbles- they all came home with a baggie full of them. Felicia bought them all ice cream, and I picked up a caramel apple ( that was delicious & all gone now lol) & some pumpkin bread. They were a bit disappointed that we didn't have time to go in the corn maze, but all in all, it was a fun day! Exhausting, but fun.:)

The kids have been saying the funniest things lately. Andrew informed the other day, while he was bringing me a diaper/change of clothes for the baby/one of the other 4574573475374 things that I asked him to get for me that day, that he loved me forever & that is why he always brought me the stuff I asked for. Brandon gets stickers on him homework folder, when he turns in his homework. The other day, he was showing me his pteradactyl sticker. He informed me that it was a "carrot-dactyl", & he ate carrots. lol He also cracks me up when he sees the Brown UPS trucks. As a son of a Sweeper, he knows all about the fun packages the mailman, UPS, FEDEX & DHL sometimes brings us. If you ask him who the brown truck is, he calls it the PS truck. My kids make me smile every single day! I am so glad that I am a mom!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Can I please put the clock on pause?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that time seems to be racing by, as we get older? I cannot believe that Halloween is only 2 & a half short weeks away. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE this time of year! The holidays-Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas of course; but I also love the colors of the leaves changing, the "smell" in the air, turning the heater on & drinking hot apple cider on the rainy days. And of course the countdown to Black Friday! lol I just wish I had a little more time to enjoy the time leading up to these things. I really want to decorate the house for Halloween, but it's looking more & more like it isn't going to happen. My garage is still packed to the gills with boxes from our move. My goal this week is to make a big dent in them. I have to- Joshua's costumes (yes, I did say costume in the plural. lol Gotta love the after Target clearance sales. ) are in a box somewhere out there.
I'm also having issues with how fast the baby is growing. He is so close to crawling, doing the rocking & lunging, rocking & going a step. He is getting pretty darn fast at it too! Last night he was heading towards Matt's fan, and daddy barely had time to grab his foot to stop him in time. lol