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Citrus Heights, CA, United States
Welcome a little place, I like to call The Crazy House, or my blog. :D Cast of Characters: The mom part is played by yours truly. My name is Molly. I am 37 years old and live in Northern California. I am a first & foremost a mom, on top of the many other jobs that I do. The 5 Boys- Sam is my almost an adult(sob)17 year old- lots of challenges with the teenager years. Michael, or Mikey as we call him, is my 9 year old. Brandon is 7, Andrew turns 7 at the end of August. And then there is Joshua, who had his third birthday in March; he has decided to extend his terrible twos. Our princess Emma joined us on April 7th in 2010. She has all of us wrapped around her fingers! Our lives have dramatically changed since the beginning of this year-I have dealt with domestic violence, started divorce proceedings, lost my job, and had to move myself & the 6 kids into my parent's house. Yeah, it's a crazy life!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fill out those papers carefully...

If you have to deal with any of the government offices, and fill out paperwork, please remember to fill everything out carefully. Or else you could screw yourself over. Around 2 months ago, Matt filled out his unemployment paperwork. Yep, my first mistake. :( Usually I fill out all papers, and then have him sign where needed. It's just easier that way- at least I know all I's have been dotted & T's crossed. Well turns out he didn't check the little box that said he looked for work, but filled out the places he did look for work. That little box threw a monkey wrench into the works & we had to fill out appeal paperwork, since they said they didn't have to pay him. Two weeks ago we received a letter saying he would receive a hearing. Yeah, two weeks ago. Called today & found out that it can take up to 12 weeks to GET a hearing, then another 2-6 weeks waiting on a decision. So maybe if we are lucky, we can get his money by September. I just don't know what the hell we are going to do. We still owe my parents $350 for helping us pay our Smud Bill. The tags are out of date in the car, there is stuff around here we need to fix,and the kids bdays are coming. This really sucks. :(

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Saturday off.....

After working for almost a year, I finally have a Saturday off. Woot! And I am making the most of it. I woke up at 6:40am, went & worked out with some friends. Will be getting ready to go garage saleing with my mom in the next half hour or so. I even listed some stuff on Ebay last night. I am quite proud of myself. lol The kids had fun yesterday at the Disney Christmas Carol Train Event, in Old Sac. Even after waiting 2 hours in the hot hot sun to get on the train. It was cool, and better yet- it was FREE!!! ( well other than gas money to get down there, & parking)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Recent Wins

I've been horrible lately about keeping track of my Sweepstakes wins. Not that I've have tons rolling in- as I've been a busy bee. In the last couple of weeks, I've received a cool GearHead Digital Keychain that holds 56 photos, Susan Brown's Baby Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, a 3 book set of kids books, and a Bubble package complete with coloring pages, a bubble music cd & bubble maker. Not too bad for my $30 yearly membership, especially considering the Digi Keychain has an ARV of $50! :D I've been a member of OLS now for over 3 years & couldn't be happier. If you are curious about sweepstaking, or have any questions, please feel free to ask. I've won tons of little things, and a few big things. Definately a fun hobby!

It can't be June......

Can someone please tell me where the heck Spring went to? The kids finished up their last week of school last week, and we are full into Summer break. Another way I can tell the kids are out of school, is by the fact that there is no food in the house. lol You don't fully appreciate the fact that 3 of the kids eat breakfast & lunch at school, until they are all home. Haven't been able to do alot lately, because it seems like all I do is work. :( Don't get me wrong- I like my job, and am happy to HAVE a job. It just interferes with all the other stuff I like to do, like um, live. lol But at least starting this week, I will have Friday & Saturdays off. Woohoo!