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Welcome a little place, I like to call The Crazy House, or my blog. :D Cast of Characters: The mom part is played by yours truly. My name is Molly. I am 37 years old and live in Northern California. I am a first & foremost a mom, on top of the many other jobs that I do. The 5 Boys- Sam is my almost an adult(sob)17 year old- lots of challenges with the teenager years. Michael, or Mikey as we call him, is my 9 year old. Brandon is 7, Andrew turns 7 at the end of August. And then there is Joshua, who had his third birthday in March; he has decided to extend his terrible twos. Our princess Emma joined us on April 7th in 2010. She has all of us wrapped around her fingers! Our lives have dramatically changed since the beginning of this year-I have dealt with domestic violence, started divorce proceedings, lost my job, and had to move myself & the 6 kids into my parent's house. Yeah, it's a crazy life!

Monday, January 11, 2010

27 weeks & counting...

Well 27 weeks & 2 days. I can't believe I will be 7 months pregnant, next Saturday. This pregnancy is just flying by. I am really starting to show. I can actually wear my maternity pants now! lol Emma is doing good. She's been moving around alot & making herself very comfy in there. I missed my 6 month appt-gasp! It couldn't be helped, as it was a few days before Christmas & I couldn't afford to miss work. But I have my 7 month appt this Friday. I'm curious if I've gained any weight yet. I feel like I'm eating, but haven't been as hungry as I usually am pregnant. Between my mom & I, we actually have done really well on baby stuff so far. I really only need to pick up a new carseat ( pink of course), a double stroller, and, hmmm I guess that's all I really NEED. I would love to replace our playpen in a girly print, and of course some crib sheets & blankets in beautiful butterflies, flowers & other girly things. I can't wait to go bow shopping! lol


terri said...

Cute blog! A girl in the midst of all those boys...YAY! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a chit chat. Good Luck on the drawing today.

Momma Such said...

Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog (http://raisingmy4sons.com) I am pregnant with my 5th baby, but we didn't find out the sex this time around. I see that you have 5 boys and a baby girl on the way...congrats!!! :)

I highly recommend the Joovy Sit and Stand Stroller. We have one and LOVE it!

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